Medical Minute: Botox for Babies?

October 13, 2014

Today we’re going to talk about a surprising but actually the first approved use for Botox®. It was the first indication by the FDA for using Botox® long before it was found to help improve wrinkles. This first use approved by the FDA was for children and babies with crossed eyes.

Medically, this is known as strabismus and if the eyes are not straightened at an early age, the brain may start to ignore the image coming from one of the eyes. This can lead to something called Amblyopia, which is a permanent loss of vision where that loss is based in the brain. This treatment is helpful for young kids with extreme crossed eyes and can lead to long-term benefits with even one Botox® treatment.

I know some patients have been concerned about the safety of Botox®. It has been safely used for over 25 years, and all I have to say is that if the FDA says Botox® is safe enough for babies, then its obviously safe for adults too. In fact, I treat my mother in law with Botox®—and I like her!

I hope you found this interesting, and I invite you come back and watch again for our next Medical Minute.