Medical Minute: What is Under the Radar Botox

August 27, 2018

Today we’re going to talk about ways to get the most natural results from Botox. I call it “Under the Radar” Botox.

Botox is often used to help improve lines and wrinkles around the face. Many patients who’ve had Botox are concerned about irregular results that others will see, or with having a lack of motion in their faces resulting in what some refer to as a “frozen” face. This can happen with either too little or too much Botox.

When we look at one another, we tend to concentrate on the eye and mouth region. When Botox is done to the forehead alone, it can result in the collapse of the brows into the eyelid space, or the inability to move the forehead when speaking. When I do Botox, I prefer to leave a portion of the forehead untreated. I then treat the areas between and around the eyes. This results in a relaxing of smile and frown lines and often a raising up of the eyebrows, highlighting the upper lid space known as the platform of the upper lid.

By leaving the forehead relatively untreated, my patients can enjoy a raised brow and softening of smile and frown lines while maintaining some natural level of brow raising when they talk. This results in a beautiful result that doesn’t interrupt normal human communication. Other people see that my patients look more rested and more attractive after my Botox treatments, but they can’t put their finger on what has changed. They often ask my patients if they’ve gotten a new haircut or if they’ve lost weight, but my patients know the truth. This is why I call it my “Under the Radar” Botox treatment.