Brow Lift

Opening Up the “Windows to the Soul”

Your eyes are often called the “windows to the soul,” but when your eyelid skin begins drooping or bags under the eyes enlarge, these windows can become blurred and their views obstructed. In many cases, the heaviness above the upper lid is due to a drooping eyebrow which falls into the eyelid space. This heaviness can make you look tired, even when you’re feeling energetic and wide awake. In cases when the brows have fallen, fixing the eyelids alone won’t fully open those “windows.” Rather, a procedure directly addressing the eyebrow is ideal. Although there are a number of ways to raise a drooping eyebrow, one of the best methods is the Minimal-Incision Browlift.

What to Expect: Your Initial Visit

At the time of your browlift consultation, Dr. Scheiner will evaluate the condition and health of your eyes. He will also discuss with you the specifics regarding your vision, including tear production, use of contact lenses, use of medications and personal expectations. This information, along with other factors such as age, skin-type and ethnic background, will allow both you and the doctor to come to a mutual decision regarding your treatment.

Also during your initial visit, Dr. Scheiner will walk you through the process of understanding the surgical technique, amount of surgery and type of anesthesia he will use, and he will take measurements and “before” pictures to help him plan his treatment options. You will have the opportunity to see before and after pictures of other patients who have had the procedure. Additionally, you will watch an informative video, which discusses the procedure(s) and answers many common questions.

Minimal-Incision Brow Lift Patient

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Before and After Minimal-Incision Brow Lift

Before and After Minimal-Incision Brow Lift

Before and After Minimal-Incision Brow Lift

What to Expect: The Procedure

The Minimal-Incision Browlift is performed using small incisions placed in the hairline. Using specialized instruments, Dr. Scheiner will gently reposition the underlying muscles and tissues to restore a more youthful appearance to your brow. A Minimal-Incision Browlift is particularly beneficial to younger patients where the removal of excess skin is not required. With this type of browlift, loss of sensation or hair at the incision site is minimized.

Advantages of a Minimal-Incision Browlift

This procedure has a faster recovery period than traditional “open” browlift procedures because the incisions are smaller. Minimal-Incision Browlift patients also report fewer issues with hair loss and often require less downtime than those undergoing traditional procedures.