Endoscopic Brow Lift

Rejuvenate your tired eyes

,Most often, Dr Scheiner recommends a surgical plan with a combination of procedures. Patients can expect to receive estimates ranging from $7500 -$35,000.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Browlift (Endoscopic Brow): $13,000- $35,000

Price varies based on case complexity, determined pre-surgery.

Many patients seek assistance for upper lid heaviness that makes them look tired or sick. In many cases, this is due to a brow that has fallen into the eyelid space rather than an issue of accumulated eyelid skin. There are a few ways to fix a drooping eyebrow. The first is non-surgical and involves using Botox in a specialized way that is effective but that has to be repeated every four to six months. For others, an endoscopic brow lift offers the best solution. 

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Benefits of an Endoscopic Brow Lift

Procedure is minimally invasive with little downtime
Removes heaviness around the eyes that make you look tired or sick
Makes you look younger and more alert
Harmonizes your appearance with your inner age
Revives self-esteem and confidence
Effects last for decades

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What is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

A traditional brow lift involves making an incision above the eyebrow, then removing excess tissue above that cut and sewing the incision back together. This successfully lifts the brow, but can leave a visible scar, making this option less than optimal unless the patient has deep lines in their forehead that the scar can blend into. The best way to avoid visible scars in surgical brow lifting involves using small incisions using a precision surgical tool called an endoscope.
An endoscopic brow lift involves making minute vertical incisions in the patient’s hairline. Working through these incisions, the forehead is freed from its underlying attachments and then the forehead is sutured to a higher position. The end result opens the area above the eyelid, leaving the patient looking more alert, vibrant, and attractive. This procedure can be combined with eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing.

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