Facial Plastic Surgery

Are you tired of looking tired?

You feel great, and have energy and passion for life. If your eyes and your face don’t communicate that to the world, people are getting the wrong message. Facial Plastic Surgery empowers you to reclaim your natural beauty and reveal your true self to those around you.

Think about that for a minute, then think about the message those parts of your face communicate.

Laser Eyelid Surgery/Laser Festoons Treatments

Dr. Adam Scheiner is the world’s leading plastic surgeon for eyelid rejuvenation and the removal of festoons (malar mounds). His proprietary RESET ® technique for repairing this difficult-to-treat condition is the only surgical correction that consistently gives excellent, lasting results. Dr. Scheiner’s groundbreaking work has provided clients from around the world with age-defying results.

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RESET® Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Adam Scheiner's RESET® for Sun Damage procedure wipes away years of sun damage, precursors to skin cancer (even some active skin cancers) and restores skin to its original healthy state before the sun damage occurred. Dr. Scheiner’s groundbreaking work has provided his clients with age-defying results.

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Brow Lift

Your eyes are often called the “windows to the soul,” but when your eyelid skin begins drooping or bags under the eyes enlarge, these windows can become blurred and their views obstructed. In many cases, the heaviness above the upper lid is due to a drooping eyebrow which falls into the eyelid space. This heaviness can make you look tired, even when you’re feeling energetic and wide awake.

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