Dr. Scheiner’s laser surgical innovation goes beyond blepharoplasty to rejuvenate upper and lower lids

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Dr. Scheiner’s Upper and Lower Lid Laser Surgery makes the eyelids appear more youthful and dynamic and delivers dramatic results.
No adult wants to look older than they are, but sagging eyelids or puffy bags work against you, aging you and making you look tired. Using his extensive experience, and his knowledge as an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Scheiner performs a delicate and innovative surgical procedure that uses lasers rather than a scalpel to remove excess skin, sagging, and puffiness.

Upper Eyelid

Upper lid laser surgery is the best option for countering the effects that gravity, stress, sun, and genetics have on our upper eyelids.  It eliminates upper lid fullness and drooping skin, improving appearance dramatically.

Lower Eyelid

When our faces change with age, it gives the tired, old, sick, or less vibrant, even when we feel great inside. What are the causes of looking tired? Lower eyelid bags or sagging skin. Using an advanced laser, Dr. Scheiner removes lower eye bags and restores a more youthful, “awake” look.


Eliminates tired looking eyes
Reduces lines and sags
Helps you look younger
Reduces puffy bags under the eyes
Eliminates unwanted excess skin
Brightens your appearance

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What if I have Festoons?

Festoons, also known as malar mounds, are a medical condition in which the skin of the lower eyelids and cheek regions becomes swollen with fluid as a result of sun damage, lifestyle factors, genetics, or the natural aging process. They are different from lower eyelid bags and can become large enough to block vision. Festoons are among cosmetic surgery’s most challenging problems.
Dr. Scheiner’s RESET for Festoons is a transformational deep skin resurfacing procedure that has become the gold standard for removing festoons.

Are you tired of looking tired?

Dr. Scheiner can help. His techniques can help restore your appearance and let it reflect the vibrant, healthy way you feel inside.
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