RESET® Upper Lids

Restore your skin and return to your youthful look.

Most often, Dr Scheiner recommends a surgical plan with a combination of procedures. Patients can expect to receive estimates ranging from $7,500 -$35,000.

RESET: Restore your skin and return to your youthful look

RESET Upper Lids: $7,500 - $33,000

Price varies based on case complexity, determined pre-surgery.

RESET for Upper Lids is a groundbreaking procedure that provides complete rejuvenation of the upper eyelid as part of an upper lid blepharoplasty. The procedure goes beyond improving upper lid heaviness and removing excess skin and fat: it eliminates the wrinkling and sagging that so often remains, restoring the delicate eyelid skin to its condition from decades earlier.

A Complex Problem Meets an Innovative Solution

Upper lid blepharoplasty has long been the best surgical option for countering the effects that gravity, stress, sun, and genetics have on our eyes. It eliminates upper lid fullness and drooping skin, improving appearance dramatically.

Most surgeons performing upper lid blepharoplasty use scalpels to perform the surgery, but Dr. Scheiner performs all of his procedures using lasers. While this eliminates incisions and delivers a far better result, the skin left behind is still wrinkled and crepey. Dr. Scheiner has spent years working to find a way to use laser technology to address this problem. The result is RESET Upper Lids.

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Benefits of RESET® Upper Lids

Tightens your upper lid skin
Returns upper lid skin back to younger state
Removes crepey, saggy skin
Eliminates sun damage and wrinkles
Harmonizes your appearance with your inner age
Revives self-esteem and confidence

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What exactly is RESET Upper Lids

RESET Upper Lids is a procedure that Dr. Adam Scheiner invented, and which is only available at his practice. After years of research, he has identified the correct application of laser technology that allows resurfacing of the delicate skin on the upper eyelid. Upper lid blepharoplasty with RESET accomplishes all that Dr. Scheiner’s blepharoplasties have in the past, with the added and exclusive benefit of returning the skin left behind to the way it looked years ago.
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