Medical Minute: What Causes Eyelid Festoons and Malar Mounds?

Malar Mounds and Festoons are terms used to describe the skin folds and swelling of the lower eyelid and cheek which form as a result of years of sun damage and underlying forces under the skin caused by contrasting muscle action. Festoons, along with lower eyelid bags, can make us appear tired or sick even when we feel great inside. Patients with this condition often report that others think they are perpetually tired based on the appearance of these Festoons and Malar Mounds. It can be frustrating for those who feel otherwise fine to be perceived as tired when they are not.

While some people have a family genetic predisposition to Malar Mounds and eyelid Festoons, most people develop them as a result of sun damage to the fragile skin in the lower eyelid and cheek region. Small doses of unprotected sun exposure over our lifetime can be as damaging over time to the skin as the few sunburns we had in our youth.

The best way to improve lower eyelid Festoons and Malar Mounds is to address the cause, which is the tissue sun-damaged over time. Procedures like my RESET procedure for Festoons and Malar Mounds use lasers to remove past sun damage and then allow new skin to grow back in its place. This new skin has brand new collagen and elastic fibers which tighten the skin and this is one of the best ways to improve lower eyelid Festoons and Malar Mounds. If you suffer from tired looking eyes, Festoons or Malar Mounds and would like to explore options for improving them, please contact my office for a consultation.

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