Patient Success: Patient Travels from Scotland for Life Changing Procedure

May 30, 2017

There aren’t many medical practices so renowned that they need to create a special medical tourism program for people traveling great distances for treatment, but Dr. Scheiner’s reputation and results have earned that distinction and created that necessity. In fact, he has an 80% “fly-in” practice! In addition to the best in aesthetic treatments, patients from out-of-town have access to all that Tampa offers.

Michelle is one of our most recent Destination Program success stories. She and Dr. Scheiner recently talked to a local news station about her experience. It’s not only inspiring but also delivered amazing results! Michelle came to our practice from Paisley, Scotland after doing Internet research looking for a physician who could properly address her eye bags.

In Scotland these common problems are addressed in a way that leaves visible scars, and that was simply unacceptable to her. Every time that she searched the answer kept coming back to Dr. Scheiner.

There’s good reason for that. Though Dr. Scheiner didn’t set out to build an international reputation, word about his talents quickly spread around the world. Appearances on Dr. Oz, The Doctors and the Howard Stern show catapulted the practice into a whole new level of renown. That’s how Michelle found him so easily and was so quickly convinced that he was the right doctor for her. Once she’d found him, she said, “I was hooked. I had to have the surgery done.”

When Michelle arrived in Tampa, Dr. Scheiner performed the eye bag and festoon removal procedures that have changed the lives of so many happy patients. Speaking of her experience, Michelle said that she’s absolutely delighted with how she looks today. She remembers getting angry and frustrated when people would ask whether she was tired, and now says,

“I have to thank Dr. Scheiner, he’s completely changed my life!”

Dr. Scheiner is humbled by the fact that so many people travel so far to place their trust in him. He says, “I get patients coming in from Asia, and the Middle East, and from Canada and all around the United States too. I have a lot of experience in this. It was a long learning process that not everybody wants to invest in. My staff helps to arrange everything for our clients.

In fact, because we tend to use the same hotel, my patients have established a sort of club. There was actually a lounge chair that one patient left behind for future patients, signing her name and sending good wishes to future patients. It became a sort of yearbook that got passed along to each arriving patient. Each noting where they were coming from and when their procedure was.”

Dr. Scheiner’s staff has developed the Destination Program over the years, refining and improving it to the point where it is today. If you are considering traveling to Tampa to see Dr. Scheiner, contact our office and let us make the whole thing a stress free experience.