Patient Success Story: Not Wasting Any More Time Looking Tired

October 06, 2017

[Dr. Scheiner’s] expertise and knowledge of the exact nature of my problem and how to remedy it put me at ease, and convinced me that he was the right person for the job.


Alissa's Story

Before and After the Procedures

I was about to turn 50, and had begun to notice that despite getting fillers and facial injections, my face looked permanently tired. It made me feel old and out of sorts. After extensive research as to why I had puffy bags and swelling under my eyes, I learned that what I had were called “festoons”. I also found Dr. Scheiner on the Internet, and read about his groundbreaking technique to remove them.


The First Steps

I felt fortunate to have an expert of Dr. Scheiner’s caliber right here in the Tampa Bay area. I called and spoke with the lovely Toni Bagnasco, Dr. Scheiner’s Cosmetic Administrator, and learned more about the procedure, the recovery and the cost. After speaking with Toni on the phone, I decided to immediately book my consultation.

Dr. Scheiner’s staff is extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable and the waiting room is comfortable and serene, with minimal wait time. As for Dr. Scheiner himself, his expertise and knowledge of the exact nature of my problem and how to remedy it put me at ease, and convinced me that he was the right person for the job.

I was sure that laser resurfacing and lower lid blepharoplasty was the correct plan of action for me, and would get rid of my perpetually tired look. I booked my surgery with Dr. Scheiner that day — I was less than two months from my 50th birthday and didn’t want to waste any more time looking tired!

My Procedure and Recovery

My procedure took place less than a month later. In preparation, Dr. Scheiner and his staff provided all the information I needed and more, including video tutorials, phone calls and in-office briefings as to what would be expected and what I needed to do to heal properly post-surgery. The videos were particularly helpful!

Because I had both laser resurfacing and lower lid blepharoplasty, the recovery was several weeks long. Dr. Scheiner and his staff made sure I knew what to expect at every step along the way, and the follow-up visits ensured that my healing was on track.

The laser resurfacing required me to soak for hours every day for healing: it was laborious, but the results were amazing. As soon as the bandages came off I could see that all of the lumps, bumps and festoons had disappeared. My eyes were wide, and despite the sutures and swelling, I no longer looked tired!

The “Reveal”

One month after my surgery, my friends threw a party to celebrate my 50th birthday. They were astounded by how young and refreshed I looked. I can’t put into words how ecstatic I am with the results. I really feel like I took ten years off my face. My children, friends and colleagues are all amazed at the huge impact this procedure has had – the wrinkles, crepiness and imperfections are gone.

My advice to anyone having this procedure would be to heed the advice of Dr. Scheiner and his staff regarding recovery. If you take the soakings very seriously and make them your priority for the first three weeks, you will be amazed with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Scheiner to anyone who wants to look younger and refreshed. I could not be happier with my results.