Perfect Proportions: The Meaning of the Boxes

January 10, 2012

The logo above is associated with my practice and possesses a lot of meaning for me. It is a graphic representation of my practice philosophy of rejuvenation, which is based upon achieving powerful yet natural/subtle results for my patients through my specific methodology.

Real beauty is timeless and has an instant connection with the deeper parts of our brain. When we think about beauty, we often assume it’s only subjective and based on the eye of the beholder. Although we all have different likes and dislikes, we also have a natural, hard-wired, objective affinity to certain appearances. When we analyze those appearances, we can see they typically have certain things in common.

Interestingly, these things in common have a mathematical basis and form the objective basis by which we appreciate beauty. True beauty has a certain harmony to it based on containing certain mathematical ratios that positively influence our subconscious mind.

The ratio I’m speaking about is one based on the research of a mathematician in the 1200’s named Leonard Fibonacci, and is the balance between the number 1 and the number 1.618. The ratio of these numbers has its basis in the Renaissance. During this time, it was realized that when things, including our faces, are in harmony with these ratios, they are perceived as more attractive and harmonious.

As I described in a prior blog—Beauty: What Is It and What Is It Good For?—Leonard discovered a sequence of numbers where when one number was divided by the preceding it came up with the ratio of 1:1.618. This ratio was noted in beautiful things in nature such as the flower.

And a curve described by these numbers was seen in nature in the beautiful shape of a nautilus.

Take a look at the curve in this diagram.
Can you see the blocks in this picture and how the curve fits cleanly into those blocks?

These blocks represent the ratio of 1:1.618. From here:
to here:

If you look closely, you can see that each sequence of blocks further divide themselves according to the ratio of 1:1.618.

This ratio has applications in facial beauty as well. Our subconscious appreciates it when a face has these ratios and balance to it and tends to view those faces as more attractive and approachable.

Take a look at this patient pictured below, and consider what your mind thinks of her before photo on the left.

Now, what does your mind think about the photo on the right? Doesn’t she seem more approachable based on her appearance on the right?

Let’s apply the ratios to this example to understand why we appreciate the right photo as compared to the left photo.

Take a look at this blue portion of the curve of Fibonacci.

Now look at our patient again.

I suggest that we intrinsically like the photo on the right because her brow is higher and shows a curve that is congruent and in harmony with the ratios I wrote about earlier.

Perfect Proportion®: Applying the Ratios of Natural Beauty

When I help my patients through my treatments, I apply these ratios in a methodology I call Perfect Proportion® which is central to my approach toward my patients. This methodology allows me to apply these ratios and get results, which are powerful yet natural.

This protocol is about finding the individual, natural perfect ratios that each of our faces have and making them more visible to the world. When these individual ratios are optimized, we are viewed as more attractive and approachable. The result: the world better relates to us.

Helping people with their appearance using my Perfect Proportion® methodology, enabling them to have an easier time in the world, is what gives me professional satisfaction and the passion for what I do.

Perfect Proportion®: Powerful Terminology for Powerful Results

Three words you often see near my logo are:

  • Restore
  • Reveal
  • Reclaim

I use these powerful words for good reasons. Many times when I help my patients with their appearance using my Perfect Proportion® protocol, I am bringing them back to an earlier time in their lives when their appearance was more harmonious. In essence, I’m restoring a person’s natural beauty back to a previous time.

In other cases, I’m uncovering a beauty, which has always been in a person’s appearance. Through the Perfect Proportion® I’m uncovering or revealing a person’s intrinsic and natural beauty.

Finally, in both cases, I think optimizing our appearance is our right and privilege. After I help people restore and reveal their natural beauty, they can then reclaim the natural beauty that was always theirs to begin with.

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