Unlocking the Future of Eyelid Rejuvenation: The Groundbreaking RESET® Upper Lid Procedure

Aging changes us, for better and for worse. With experience, we gain wisdom, but we’re also affected by gravity, stress, and the sun. Our appearance changes, especially the areas around our eyes. We develop upper lid fullness, wrinkled eyelid skin, festoons, and bags under our eyes. All of these make us look tired, sick, or just plain old. 

As a cosmetic surgeon, I’ve spent years helping patients “face” the world, improving their appearance and reconnecting the way they look with the way that they feel. I’ve studied the social impact of our faces and learned that they help us establish connections, and that 55% of what we communicate is transmitted non-verbally. I’ve helped patients all over the world who struggled with festoons under their eyes, and performed other types of eyelid rejuvenation

Though my RESET® Festoon procedure is known worldwide, my practice covers all aspects of rejuvenation of the eyes, including the upper eyelids.  

Complete rejuvenation of the upper lid has always been a challenge, as the only option for that area has been an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. My laser upper lids procedure improved patients’ upper lid heaviness, removed excess skin and fat from the upper lid, and gave patients slight tightening of their extra lid skin, but the skin left behind was still wrinkled and crepey. 

Until now.  

After years of research, I’ve created an innovative solution that provides optimal improvement in upper lid and brow skin. I’m introducing my new procedure for all patients struggling with wrinkled, sagging upper lid skin: RESET Upper Lids.

To understand what a revolution RESET Upper Lids represents, take a look at this patient’s photos.

This patient had an upper lid blepharoplasty and did get some improvement of her hooded eyelids and extra skin. But what’s left after the procedure is still the same aged, wrinkled upper lid skin.  

Now look at these photos of another patient, before and 40 days after my new procedure, RESET Upper Lids.

The “Wool-to-Silk” Results of RESET Upper Lids

RESET Upper Lids represents a breakthrough in upper eyelid surgery, restoring delicate eyelid skin to the same condition as decades earlier. For patients trying to understand the difference between traditional eyelid surgery and RESET Upper Lids, I’ve found that the easiest way to explain it is to ask them to imagine their heavy, drooping eyelid as a piece of wool. Cutting it shorter and stretching it will eliminate the droop, but you’ll still be left with a rough, scratchy texture. RESET turns the wooly texture of old skin into a smooth piece of silk. This means that eye shadow can be worn without collecting in the creases or wrinkles — it will no longer emphasize your wrinkles! It’s why multiple patients have told me that, after their surgery, they’ve been carded by bartenders which hasn’t happened in decades. 

For the first time in the history of eyelid surgery, there’s a way to reset the skin of your upper lids, turn the clock back decades, and have brand new, younger, tighter skin on your upper lids. 

I’m proud of my creation of RESET Upper Lids and excited about introducing it to the world. Most importantly, from now on I’ll be including it in every upper lid laser surgery that I perform. It will provide complete eyelid rejuvenation, renewed confidence in your appearance, and a significant advantage over other procedures. 

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