You Don’t Have to Be Stuck with Facial Sun Damage

April 03, 2014

Reset For Sun Damage treatment cna reverse facial sun damage. You can see the amazing results in this before and after photo.

This patient came to Dr. Scheiner for help with the tired appearance her face was communicating, puffy lower eyelids, and facial spots. You can see the amazing results in this before and after photo.

When we were young and carefree, many of us sought a “healthy tan.” We would lie out and feel the heat of the sun on our skin, trying to make our skin get darker. Some of us even sought out tanning beds.

Unfortunately, we were sold a bad bill of goods when it comes to tanning, and many people still haven’t been educated on the dangers of getting a tan — or what can be done if you’ve already incurred years of sun damage to your skin.

There Is Nothing “Healthy” About a Tan

A tan is actually a way for our body to shield us from the onslaught of ultraviolet (UV) rays that can harm and damage our skin. In fact, in the process of getting tan, UV rays are damaging the collagen and elastic fibers in our skin, as well as damaging the DNA in our skin cells. This can lead to pre-cancer and even active skin cancer.

It’s usually later in life that we realize we shouldn’t have done all of that “healthy tanning.” We start to see in the mirror the evidence of the damage to our face in the form of brown spots, facial lines, and wrinkles. The damage from sun exposure is cumulative, and once we start to notice its effects, it’s too late to go back and change our skincare habits.

The good news, however, is that there is a way to reverse sun damage our skin has already incurred. And it isn’t by using expensive creams and oils to try to improve our lines and facial spots. (Most of these items wind up leaving us less than pleased.) It’s a technology that can allow us to reverse past sun damage and even remove many pre-cancers (and some active skin cancers) on our face.

You Can Reverse Facial Sun Damage

This technology is the same one I use to help people with eyelid Festoons, and it’s called RESET® Erbium Based Laser Skin Resurfacing. My protocol involves using an advanced Dual Pulsed Erbium Laser and a sophisticated healing program to help my patients both look better and have healthier, more youthful skin.

The patient featured below came to see me for help with the tired appearance her face was communicating to others. I noted that her lower lids were puffy due to fat protruding into the lower lid region, which commonly occurs as we age. She told me she had also had treatments in the past for spots on her face that looked suspiciously cancerous. I explained to her how the procedure to improve the skin around her lower eyelids could also be used to improve the skin on her whole face. In fact, many pre-cancers and some active skin cancers, including some which might not be visible yet, could be improved if we chose to treat her whole face.

After considering what I proposed, she decided to opt for this treatment to reverse the years of sun damage she’d caused to herself in her youth. As you can see from the “before” and “after” pictures, she can now enjoy future days with healthier skin, as well as a more attractive appearance.

RESET Treatment for Sundamaged skin

In the End

I’ve had many patients come to me over the years who were tired of getting pre-cancers frozen off their faces and were thrilled to learn there is another option.

It was a true pleasure to help this patient, and I’m thankful she is allowing us to tell her story and use her photos to help educate others that it is possible to reverse years of sun damage and RESET® your skin back to a healthier and younger state.

You don’t have to be stuck with facial sun damage. You can reverse the damage your younger self indulged in unknowingly. There are options that will enable you to reverse sun damage and Restore, Reveal, and Reclaim™ your natural beauty.